Bussey-Saksida Mouse Touch Screen Chamber for Electrophysiology

Bussey-Saksida Mouse Touch Screen Chamber for Electrophysiology

Model 80614E


Specialized Mouse Touch Screen Chamber for use with the study of Electrophysiology.



Bussey-Saksida Rodent Touch Screen Chambers (TCN Lab, Cambridge), now available with built in electromagnetic compatibility, to ensure artifact free in-vivo recording.These are available as a fully integrated system of electrophysiology, time stamped video and behavior events and latencies, producing a temporally aligned data stream. The Campden integrated system is designed specifically to enable a freely moving animal with ultra-low weight head-stages, either with auto-retract tether or wireless and matching reward troughs. For more information on our integrated system visit the Integrated Behavior and Electrophysiology section of our website. These chambers are also available for third party electrophysiology systems, with a simple slotted lid for tether and connections for TTL links.

This unit retains all the critical features of the standard 80614 Bussey-Saksida Mouse Touch Screen chamber.  In addition, potential artifacts are eliminated at the source by shielding against electromagnetic output or by reducing the emissions at the component level on the printed circuit board. This is achieved by superior electronic engineering design and testing with a spectrum analyzer.

  • Faraday cage built into the sound isolation cubicle, with emc gasketed door and baffles at the air vent apertures
  • Low emission electronic components and p.c.b. design to reduce electromagnetic emission at source
  • EMC Shielded touch screen- with no loss of sensitivity or image clarity
  • Experiment chamber with lid and opening door to accommodate tether
  • Extended reward trough opening for headstages
  • Optional taller sound isolation cubicles and custom modifications for electrophysiology hardware, either tethered or telemetry

Additional I/O lines are available as 8 TTL lines that can be linked to an electrophysiology recording system.

For more information about the Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen for Mice and its uses, visit the RELATED PRODUCTS tab.



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Not just another square sheet metal box, the Bussey-Saksida chamber has a unique trapezoidal wall shape to focus the animal's attention and is made from machined parts that simply slot together. The chamber can also be configured to a modular square chamber with panels, levers, lights, and a range of other operators.

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