For over 30 years, studies of visual patching and extracellular recording of neurological, heart and lung tissue slices have been published using our vibrating microtomes.

Touch Screens

Our Bussey-Saksida Touch screen chambers use a revolutionary trapezoid shape to guide a rodent's attention to doing the tasks.

Animal Behaviour

Campden behavioral products include standard and modular operant systems, cognitive testing, sleep deprivation, and many others.

Campden Instruments specializes in turn-key solutions for translational neuroscience

Vibrating Microtomes

Studies using Campden's vibrating microtomes have been published for over 30 years

Bussey - Saksida
Touch Screen Chamber

Designed for the efficient and high-throughput cognitive evaluation of rodents

"Continual Trials"

Animal moves between home-cage and experimental chamber under its own natural motivation

Animal Activity

Activity products including exercise, sleep deprivation, mazes and more!


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