Precision Liquid Feed Pump

Precision Liquid Feed Pump

Model 80204A

  • 2 micro-litre repeatable droplet size
  • Reduced audible noise.
  • Delivery rate configurable to animal type.
  • On-board connector for easy removal and exchange.
  • Compatible with current ABET Task programs.
  • 3 core cable connections of Live, Operate and Zero Volts.
  • EMC shielded for experiments recording electrophysiology.
  • Switch for pump prime and manual operation.


The rate of flow has been calibrated to give precise delivery of liquids at delivery rates suitable for rewarding mouse, rat, and primate. The delivery dose is determined by the time duration of the operate signal. The pump has been designed specifically to be low noise in both the audible and electrophysiology spectrums. Tubing is made specially to Campden Instruments quality specifications in food grade Santoprene (silicone for primate).


Units are factory calibrated for delivery of water. When using liquids of different viscosity, the delivery rate may change slightly and require calibration by adjustment of the delivery period.


  • Dimensions: 3.94" x 1.97" x 2.91" (100 x 50 x 124 mm)
  • Operating voltage: 24/28 VDC
  • Rollers: 6
  • Motor: High Resolution Stepper Motor
  • Delivery Speed: Configurable

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