Environmental Cabinets

Designed in consultation with the Institute of Sound and Vibration University of Derby England, this Isolation Chamber provides a controlled environment for sound, light, and electromagnetic interference.

Chambers are coated to resist corrosion and are fitted with a panel mounted ventilation fan and air inlet with cable entry points. Custom sizes are also available with a design charge.

Ergonomically designed for ease of animal handling and welfare with a ventilation fan and optional rolling shelf, these chambers can be configured with a house light, speaker, and camera observation/recording system that uses visual or IR illumination.

Audible transmission measurements were performed on sound pressure z-scale. Attenuation level ensures that sound between chambers is attenuated to around 35 dB which approximates to the background noise in a quiet room. In this scenario animals in adjoining chambers will not hear sound stimulus to a significant level, where tone is between 250Hz to 5KHz and 100dB. Additional baffles can add 5-10 dB of further attenuation and also eliminate light ingress at the ventilation apertures. All sound attenuation levels are frequency dependent.

nternal measurement in WxDxH. External measurements are 60mm more in all planes.


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