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Company History

Campden Instruments originated on Campden Hill Road, in the Kensington area of London in 1970 when psychologist Dr. Karl Weiss built up a company that made the most innovative operant equipment of the time as well as other physiological instruments for which the company soon became famous.


In 1982, Campden commenced production of the Vibroslice tissue slicer which has since become used the world over by neuroscientists, electrophysiologists, pathologists and embryologists for the sectioning of fresh tissue. Campden is also most famous for its Micropipette Puller that was used in the first IVF treatments by Dr. G. D. Palermo, M.D., at Cornell Medical Centre, New York.


When Dr. Weiss retired in the late 1980's Campden was acquired by a UK PLC which added engineering expertise. In 1991, Campden acquired the sole UK distributor agreement for Lafayette Instrument Co., of Lafayette, Indiana. USA. In October 1998 Campden was acquired by Lafayette Instrument Co. This was a welcome return to ownership by a Life Science company with a complimentary line of products and many common goals and directions. Campden Instruments has sites in the UK and USA.

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