Two Electrode Clamp for Oocytes

Two Electrode Clamp for Oocytes

Model npi.TEC-10CX

Two-Electrode Voltage Clamp Amplifier for sophisticated recordings from oocytes

  • Fastest oocyte clamp system on the market
  • Easy setup – no “virtual ground” electrode necessary
  • Superior performance due to npi’s PI control
  • A simpler version is available: TEC-03X


  • Sophisticated and extremely fast two-electrode voltage and current clamp (V/C) amplifier with PI-controller for recordings from oocytes
  • Push buttons for comfortable and fast selection of MODE of OPERATION
  • Differential potential registration and high-voltage current source output, automated electrode resistance test mode which can be used even with the electrodes impaled in an oocyte
  • Current transient compensation prevents data acquisition system from clipping
  • Digital DISPLAYS for current, voltage and electrode resistance
  • Four-pole BESSEL filter for current
  • No virtual ground needed for recording membrane currents
  • OSCILLATION SHUT-OFF unit prevents cells from damage
  • Standard current range is ±150 µA into 1 MOhm. Current headstages with selectable current ranges (x0.1, x1, x2, x5 or x0.1, x0.2, x0.5, x1) are also available
  • Easy operation with all major data acquisition systems, remote selection of MODE of OPERATION, telegraphing (monitoring) outputs for current sensitivity and filter.


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