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ABET II Software for Touch Screens with Audio-Video Stimulus
Model 89509

ABET II Software for Touch Screens with Audio-Video Stimulus


This enhanced version of the Animal Behavior Environment Test (ABET) Touch software retains all the features of ABET II Standard and ABET II Touch while adding convenient tools for the display of video and audio stimulus while monitoring for touch screen responses. Additionally ABET II Video Touch can be used for just displaying videos or just for using the PC's sound card to play tones or wavefiles, touch is not a requrement. Upgrade licenses from ABET II Touch are available.

There are several interface systems and behavioral control software packages on the market, however, only ABET II offers a system that can be user customized and programmed with no programming experience. Every effort has been made to make this simple enough for those with minimal operant conditioning experience, yet powerful enough to run complex schedules for the experimental analysis of behavior.

If you can conceptualize an experiment in a spreadsheet or flow chart, you can create the conditions needed for a complete operant schedule using ABET II. This is the only product that makes it just as easy to present a full video as it is to turn on a stimulus light and just as easy to record a touch response to that location as it is to record a lever press. This one ABET II application includes five major components on easy to select folder tabs.




The computer specifications will depend on the number of chambers running touch screens. Multiple expansion slots will be required for multiple chambers.









Design a graphical cumulative record with numerous tools to define the chart size, step traces, pips, and events.


Install ABET II on your laptop, office computer or any computer not connected to hardware. The Virtual Interface is a duplicate of the environment that you have in your lab. You can now create, review, and test schedules and you can review or analyze lab data in a more convenient setting. Pass schedules and data to and from your lab either by a network connection or any removable media. ABET II also includes convenient backup and restore utilities.


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