Temperature Controlled Warming Tissue Bath

Temperature Controlled Warming Tissue Bath

Model 7611A

The control unit supplies power to the 'Peltier' thermoelectric elements in the base of the tissue bath. These act as energy transfer units so that heat is drawn off, through the heat exchanger and removed by tap water flow which runs to waste. The unit uses P.I.D. (proportional integral derivative) temperature control to take the bath temperature to within 0.5° C at the point of measurement. The temperature feedback thermistor is located in the bath floor and software calculates an offset automatically.

  • Utilitizes the standard inner stainless steel tissue bath


Traditionally once removed from the animal, tissue is immediately cooled to close to +4° C to lower the oxygen demand and prevent anoxia. However, we have just developed the 7611A due to the paper by Huang S & Uusisaari MY (2013), who demonstrated that slicing at physiological temperature improves the viability and connectivity of the neurons in the slice.

Temperature Control above shown with bath and mount (not included).

We only recommend the 7611A for use with the 7000smz-2, as this technique has only be shown to be effective if the Z-axis deflection is calibrated to >0.4µm, and the optimal calibrated Z-axis of the 5100mz is 2 ± 0.1µm. The 7000smz-2 Vibrotome has class leading (when correctly calibrated) Z-axis deflection of ≤1 ± 0.1µm at the whole range of speeds and amplitudes of vibration.


  • Display Resolution: 0.1° C
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1° C
  • Temperature Range: +10-50° C**
  • Voltage Requirements: 230V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz
  • Power Rating: 60W
  • Inlet Fuse Rating: T1.25A

**Note: The actual temperatures achievable will be dependent upon the solutions used and local temperature conditions


Required Accessories

7000smz-2 Vibratome
7000smz-2 Vibratome
Model 7000smz-2

Our top of the range high precision, vibrating microtome, this is the finest tissue slicer in the world for preparations for visual patch clamping. Shown with optional Slice incubation chamber and temperature controller.

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