Tail Flick Test Analgesia Meter

Tail Flick Test Analgesia Meter

Model I-33

  • Tail Flick Test for mice and rats
  • Tail Temperature another first from IITC
  • Precise Programmable digital control
  • Humane cut-off feature, set by user
  • Adjustable beam intensity in 1% increments
  • Reaction is detected automatically
  • Manual override of all timer functions
  • Alphanumeric readout
  • All Functions and parameters entered via key-pad
  • RS232 output standard
  • Printer output standard
  • Footswitch standard
  • Thermal printer (optional)
  • Software for data collection (optional)


The tail flick test method is used for measuring pain sensitivity by applying a heat stimulus. The test is one that is a standard in the pain testing arena. Our unit supplies tail temperature measurements which is not available on any other Tail Flick Analgesia Meter unit on the market today; at the start of each tail flick test the temperature will be exactly (preset by user) the same for each test performed.


No Animal acclimation required!


Uniform preset temperature on all tails!


No need for an energy calibrator the exact temperature is show.


IITC Life Science Tail Flick Analgesia Meters measure latency and / or temperature threshold to detect the properties of narcotic and strong non-narcotic drugs on both mice and rats. A built-in Timer is automatically stopped when the animal's tail flicks out of the beam of light. The overhead halogen light source is a pre-focused 4X6mm stimulation area at the end of the attached tail groove that has the sensor built in for automatic tail flick detection. If the animal does not flick his tail within the entered cut-off time the light beam shuts off automatically avoiding tissue damage. A built-in timer displays the reaction time in 0.01 second increments. Manual override of all timer functions is possible. The tail groove is a non-metallic material to avoid unnecessary conditioning. The unit can be controlled by the front panel or footswitch controls: Start, Stop, and Reset of test. Shutters are a thing of the past, this unit eliminates the need for shutters due to the constant ON of the light source.

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