Single Channel Rat Blood Pressure System

Single Channel Rat Blood Pressure System

Model I-MRBP-R

  • Compact, complete system for mice up to 1000 gram rats
  • Useful as teaching systems with High throughput when needed
  • Validated to Telemetry
  • Up to 200 chained independent channels
  • Automatic Evaulation of Data
  • Touch Screen or Software Control
  • MRI and anesthetized studies


A true, compact, simple yet versatile system that can test a single animal or up to 200 at a time with independent control of each channel.

This blood pressure system has all components built into a single small unit. System includes controls, inflation of tail cuff, built-in low temperature warming environment with whisper quiet fans combined into an ideal system for teaching facilities and for the pharmaceutical industry where high throughput is a must. Simple daisy-chaining of systems allows expansion up to 200 independently controlled channels. Analog outputs are standard for pulse and pressure, eliminating the a system's need for pulse calibration.

Single animal systems are controlled from the touch screen which allows keying in all necessary test setups. Additionally, the touch screen control supplies automatic evaluation of test results - systolic, diastolic, mean and heart rate. A minimum of 36 recordings per channel can be stored. Data can collected, stored, displayed and can be transferred to a supplied memory stick. USB allows for software control for multi-channel systems and for single animal systems software is supplied enabling users to view and export data collected. Reports are internal in an Excel style format, for simple migration of data.

When studies call for an MRI setting these systems can still be used due to the independent design. Tail cuffs can be in any setting and are not required to be connected directly to the electronics at any time. Extended test cable lengths of the sensors are available when MRI testing is performed.

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