Plantar Test System with Heated Glass Option

Plantar Test System with Heated Glass Option

Model 390(G)



This unit is digitally controlled and the heat source is a halogen bulb. The intensity can be preprogrammed without a separate calibration unit. The temperature range is around 30 - 250° C. The unit has a keypad on the front panel and all your functions and parameters can be entered here; animal number, date, test, temperature, intensity, length, cutoff time, ramp up of temperature, as well as standby. The heat source is in a constant "on" but no heat is emitted. The heat source when applied to test subject is .4mm in size, extremely small, precise, and exact pinpoint of heat to test subject. Preconditioning of the animal is not required as there is no sound or noises of any kind prior to the test that will cause the animal to know that a test is about to start. A convenient mirror is provided on the test head to assist in alignment of the heat source onto the paw. All data is stored and displayed in the unit. RS232 and printer output connections are provided standard. Printer or software data logging options are sold separately.


The animal enclosure supplied with this unit allows you to test up to 6 rats or 12 mice by adding a simple Plexiglas center divider.


The animal reaction time is determined by the user. When dealing with live animals it is impossible for an electronic unit to know the difference between "true reaction" time and "animal movement of any kind". Using a human observer allows one to decipher which test is true (reaction to heat source) or false (natural animal movement).


The Heated glass option provides for user control of the temperature of the glass with digital display, 32 to 40° C. The factory setting is 32° C. Since glass acts as a heat sink, it may alter the reaction time of the animal, in particular when the equipment is used in a laboratory setting that is cooler than normal.

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