Large Mesh Stand

Large Mesh Stand

Model I-410



Mesh Stands are ideal for large group studies when studies call for rapid screening of pain and sensory thresholds. Model I-410 is built for observation of 6 rats or 12 mice at one time.

An optional mirror for either size is available, which enables researchers the ability to view exact placement of EVF probe. Mirror angle has two adjustments that can be adjusted by user.

Each Mesh stands are supplied with 5, 16” long, black anodized posts, (16” posts eliminate laboratory technicians from having to strain when trying to view correct placement of EVF probes.), black anodized base. Mesh - black anodized with 1/4” size waffle holes and a clear Plexiglas animal enclosure which is placed on top of mesh; allowing unobstructed view of the animal subjects during testing.

Mesh is interchangeable with glass in any one of the IITC plantar and or combination plantar / tail flick systems. A cost saving feature that allows users to use one stand for two separate tests.

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