Isolation Chamber (520 x 430 x 410mm)

Isolation Chamber (520 x 430 x 410mm)

Model 4120-2



Designed in consultation with the Institute of Sound and Vibration University of Derby England, this Isolation Chamber has an inner dimension of 520 x 430 x 410mm (WxDxH) and provides a controlled environment for sound and light.


Available in 7 standard sizes, our chambers are coated to resist corrosion and are fitted with a panel mounted ventilation fan and air inlet with cable entry points. Custom sizes are also available with a design charge.

Ergonomically designed for ease of animal handling and welfare with a ventilation fan and optional rolling shelf, these chambers can be configured with a house light, speaker, and camera observation/recording system that uses visual or IR illumination.

Audible transmission measurements were performed on sound pressure z-scale. Attenuation level ensures that sound between chambers is attenuated to around 35 dB which approximates to the background noise in a quiet room. Additional baffles can add 5-10 dB of further attenuation and also eliminate light ingress at the ventilation apertures. All sound attenuation levels are frequency dependent.


White LED House Light and Speaker: The LED provides a more concentrated area of illumination than a standard tungsten bulb and has a nanosecond illumination time.

Spyhole Lens: Observation chambers can be fitted in the middle of the door or with a camera for either visible or IR light (please specify your requirement). The camera image can be viewed on screen directly or by use of a video quad processor or quad DVR suitable for Windows™ files.

Rolling Shelf: Simplifies animal handling - especially useful for tethered animals.

Faraday Cage: A metallized lining with EMC gasketed door will attenuate external sources of electromagnetic interference to provide a clean electromagnetic environment for physiological recordings.

Easy-install Rack System (for multiple chambers): The density of sound attenuating materials means that each chamber can weigh approximately 33 to 40 kg. Mounting these on a moveable rack with braked wheels gives many benefits such as easy handling, laboratory cleanliness, and safety. All cables are installed in trunking and a top shelf includes a central power distribution point and earth bonding. If taller chambers are required for special designs, or if space is required between the upper and lower chambers, a further wall-fixture option is also available.


  • Internal Dimension: 520 x 430 x 410mm*
  • External Dimension: 580 x 490 x 470mm*
  • Weight: 34.0kg
  • Fan: Nominal flow rate 33m3/hr @ 24V nominal voltage (will vary depending upon chamber configuration)

* indicates measurement (WxDxH)


Optional Accessories

Shelf for 4120-2 Series Chamber
Shelf for 4120-2 Series Chamber
Model 4120-2S

Optional rolling shelf for 4120-2 Series Isolation Chamber with inner dimensions of 520w x 430d x 410h.

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This Isolation Chamber has an inner dimension of 520 x 430 x 410mm and provides a controlled environment for sound, light, and electromagnetic interference.

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