Replacement Hatch for Raised Water Bottle

Replacement Hatch for Raised Water Bottle

Model 80820RBL


An alternate hatch cover for the Mouse Activity Wheel.



This hatch cover replaces the standard unit supplied with the 80820 Mouse Activity Wheels. The standard Mouse Activity Wheel features a 250 ml water bottle that is contained under the hatch. This design is preferred as it eliminates the possibility of a mouse trying to escape between any gap between the bottle and a bottle cutout. However, once in a while an ingenious and industrious mouse will mound enough bedding around the water bottle sipper to cause it to flood the cage. Sometimes simply reducing the amount of bedding that is provided can solve this problem. If it becomes necessary to raise the water bottle bracket, it is easy to do so once this replacement hatch is incorporated. The only difference between this and the standard hatch is a cutout for the raised bottle to protrude through.


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