EMC Shielded Environmental Cabinet

Model 4120A-10-02


High density fiberboard for superior acoustic insulation and a Faraday cage for electrophysiology applications. Available standalone or as part of an Easy-Install assembly. Includes cable entry panel and ventilation fan. Custom sizes available.



Designed in consultation with the Institute of Sound and Vibration University of Derby England, this Isolation Chamber has an inner dimension of 544W x 410D x 603H mm (WxDxH) and provides a controlled environment for sound, light, and electromagnetic interference.


Chambers are coated to resist corrosion and are fitted with a panel mounted ventilation fan and air inlet with cable entry points. Custom sizes are also available with a design charge.

Ergonomically designed for ease of animal handling and welfare with a ventilation fan and optional rolling shelf, these chambers can be configured with a house light, speaker, and camera observation/recording system that uses visual or IR illumination.

Audible transmission measurements were performed on sound pressure z-scale. Attenuation level ensures that sound between chambers is attenuated to around 35 dB which approximates to the background noise in a quiet room. Additional baffles can add 5-10 dB of further attenuation and also eliminate light ingress at the ventilation apertures. All sound attenuation levels are frequency dependent.

This chamber is equipped with a Faraday Cage. A Faraday Cage is a metallized lining with an EMC-gasketed door that attenuates external sources of electromagnetic interference to provide a clean electromagnetic environment for physiological recordings. An effective Faraday cage must be grounded as a component in the design of a shielded system. Performance will be dependent upon the proximity and frequency of the radiated and transmitted electromagnetic radiation in question.

Frequency Range for EEG Recordings

Frequency Range for Single Unit Recordings


White LED House Light and Speaker: The LED provides a more concentrated area of illumination than a standard tungsten bulb and has a nanosecond illumination time.

Spyhole Lens: Observation chambers can be fitted in the middle of the door or with a camera for either visible or IR light (please specify your requirement). The camera image can be viewed on screen directly or by use of a video quad processor or quad DVR suitable for Windows™ files.

Rolling Shelf: Simplifies animal handling - especially useful for tethered animals.

Easy-install Rack System (for multiple chambers): The density of sound attenuating materials means that each chamber can weigh approximately 33 to 40 kg. Mounting these on a moveable rack with braked wheels gives many benefits such as easy handling, laboratory cleanliness, and safety. All cables are installed in trunking and a top shelf includes a central power distribution point and earth bonding. If taller chambers are required for special designs, or if space is required between the upper and lower chambers, a further wall-fixture option is also available.


Internal Size: 544mm x 410mm x 603mm (WxDxH)

External Size: 604mm x 470mm x 663mm (WxDxH)

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