Actimetrics Fear Conditioning Chamber Package for Rats

Model 80004AT

  • Model 80004CGAT Extra Tall (16U) Modular Rat Test Chamber
    • Workspace: 12.0" L x 10.2" D x 12.0" H (30.5 x 25.9 x 30.5 cm)
    • Includes camera mount (camera sold separately)
  • Model 80004RF Grid Floor with PCB Shock Grid Harness
    • Stainless Steel Rods 0.188" (4.775mm) diameter on 0.610" (15.494 mm) centers
  • Model 80135MAT Speaker Module with 10’ 3.5mm cable
  • Model 80224MAT House light Module with 14’ modular cable
  • Model HSCK100AT Programmable Shocker with 14’ modular cable

Additional Components for Contextual Testing (shipped loose)

  • Model 80004NSF Perforated floor
    • Perforated Stainless Steel with 0.375" (9.525 mm) Holes on 0.548" 13.92 mm centers. (Staggered Rows)
  • Black and White Chamber Inserts


This fear conditioning test chamber package for rats was designed from the ground up to be easy to order, easy to set up, easy to run and easy to maintain. Up to four test stations may be run on a single computer. View the features area for a list of included components. See Model 83020AT Sound Isolation Cubicle for this optional component.

The unique camera mount may be top or rear panel mounted making this chamber suitable for all fear conditioning protocols including testing animals with optical fiber for optogenetics. A chamber speaker is included for presenting computer generated audio cues. Add optional 80221AMAT Cue Light for a visual stimulus.

The following required items must be ordered separately: one Actimetrics FreezeFrame Software License and computer interface, one camera package, one 4 channel audio amplifier and several 1-4 RJ12 Splitter and Cable for each chamber/cubicle component to be controlled or powered from the Actimetrics Interface.

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