Actimetrics CCFC Isolation Cubicle

Actimetrics CCFC Isolation Cubicle

Model 83020AT


This single door sound attenuating cubicle is designed for use with either rat or mouse fear conditioning test chambers.



The 83020AT is constructed of moderately expanded PVC foam panels that resist moisture and many chemicals. All outside walls are 0.75" (19 mm) thick. This unit features easy access to either the rat or mouse fear conditioning test chambers.

The European style hinges and rubber seal provide maximal light and sound incursion reduction. The door hinges also allow for 180° of movement (twice that of other units) and can be quickly released without tools to remove the doors when necessary.

Metal offset baffles are mounted inside to reduce the overall dimensions and minimize wasted space. The offset design for the exhaust fan, air inlet, and cable porthole minimize both sound loss and light incursion common in those cubicles with straight access. A 28 Volt DC ventilation fan with modular cable is included with each cubicle.


  • Outside Dimensions: 19.56" L x 19.56" D x 23.59" H (49.7 x 49.7 x 60.0 cm) including 0.40" (1 cm) tall feet
  • Inside Dimensions: 18.06" L x 18.06" D x 21.69" H (45.75 x 45.75 x 55.1 cm)

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