Complete 12 Channel Blood Pressure System for Mouse and Rat

Complete 12 Channel Blood Pressure System for Mouse and Rat

Model I-12M229

  • The only Validated noninvasive blood pressure system compared to Telemetry and direct BP
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Test results are within five mmHg of cannulation, validated
  • Low temperature: Rats 30° C., mice 32° C., others require 36 to 38° C
  • Animals: Mice, rats, cats, dogs, rabbits, swine and monkeys
  • Sensor is built into cuff, only single component system
  • Systolic, Mean, Diastolic and Heart rate computed, recorded and printed
  • Adjustable cuff pressure limit
  • Adjustable deflation rate: 1 to 10 mmHg/ second
  • No Heating pads required due to warming chamber
  • MRI compatible systems


The IITC mouse and rat tail blood pressure testing systems are unique in the fact that the data supplied has excellent correlation to telemetry and within 5 mmHG to cannulation. These systems are supplied with a Lifetime Warranty which no other manufacturer offers and the most critical factor using the lowest ambient temperature of any method in the world. We at IITC pride ourselves in the fact that for 35 years we have been selling blood pressure systems globally to many well known and well respected universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Some of the systems that are currently running globally are original designs that date back as far as 1975. We truly are the "World Leader in Noninvasive Blood Pressure Testing Equipment" the "Gold Standard" in the world and proud of the fact that our equipment supplies accurate and reproducible blood pressure data for rats and mouse.

IITC's tail cuff blood pressure systems can be used on a mouse or rat they are supplied with an artifact filter which eliminates breathing and movement artifacts. Our photoelectric sensors are superior in design and pulse pickup allowing researchers clean and easly identifiable signals, due to the extreme sensitivity of our sensors (tail cuffs). IITC's systems are the only systems that have a single component designed cuff on the market today. The IITC single component design allows the operator ease of setup and use. Place the animals tail through the sensor cuff and start taking blood pressure measurements, animal movement (turning. moving does not affect your recordings). Others use a bulky, two piece piezoelectric design that picks up the signal, it is known to not have as high a sensitivity as photoelectric sensor despite their claims.

Measuring blood pressure noninvasively on the tail via the IITC tail cuff method on mice and rats is user friendly as well as humane for the fact that we are the only manufacturers to have blood pressure testing systems available to the researcher that do not require high heat to obtain blood pressure recordings on laboratory animals all other systems require anywhere from 34 to 38° C. Unlimited technical support and if desired an IITC representative will visit your location to set-up and train staff to the proper use and configuration of equipment.

System information: Amplifier with a built-in automatic inflation cuff pump a scanner which enables the user to switch from animal position 1 thru 12 and a warming chamber for assuring that the animals are kept at ambient temperature (other manufacturers claim that there is no need to warm the animal with their system but they fail to state that their systems are supplied with either heated restrainers or a heating unit that the animal is restrained in and that only their tail is being warmed not the animal.). These as well as other statements by various other manufacturers of noninvasive blood pressure testing equipment lead a potential user to believe that these types of testing methods are far superior to the warming of animals in a chamber when in fact it is almost the same except for one vital piece of information - Their systems require not warming the animal but heating the animal up to as high as 38° C at this and other high temperatures the potential for loss of animal as well as thermostress is a given.

System includes: Amplifier with a built-in cuff pump for automatic inflation of the tail cuffs. Manual scanner allows switching from test position one thru 12 while scanning both tail signal and inflation only of the cuff or animal under test. This avoids any odema on the tail.

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