Rat and Mouse Blood Pressure Warming Chamber

Rat and Mouse Blood Pressure Warming Chamber

Model I-306



The IITC Model 306 test chamber offer the perfect uniform test environment. The chambers can hold one to six animals. The chamber temperature is adjustable and stays at a constant temperature within 1° C.

The temperature is read on a digital thermometer. These chambers are ideal for testing from 25 to 34° C. A small, external digital temperature readout with sensor is supplied to display the inside temperature of the chamber.

The IITC Model 306 chambers are both made of aluminum chassis with aluminum shelves and a Plexiglas door. They have a built-in whisper fan which produces a low level sound that is comforting to the animals. The side. panels have vent holes for air circulation. The back wall has jacks for the exit of sensor cables and tubing port connectors for inflating systems (Using the IITC Model 20-NW).

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