Rat and Mouse Blood Pressure Warming Chamber

Rat and Mouse Blood Pressure Warming Chamber

Model I-303



These chambers offer the perfect uniform test environment for rats and mice, from one to three animals. The chamber temperature is adjustable and stays at a constant temperature within 1° C. via digital thermometer between 25 to 34° C.

Clear acrylic allows complete visuals. The aluminum base holds a whisper fan, producing low level white noise which comforts the animals. The back and front walls have vent holes for exit of air and sensor cables. Tubing ports are provided for the inflating connection.

IITC's Model 303-SC chamber with built-in scanner is a simplified scanner that is built into the metal base. This chamber has a signal connection to the input of any of the IITC amplifiers. The IITC sensors can be plugged into their respective jacks on the chamber side. The air to the cuffs is also scanned by a manual three stage manifold to avoid odema effects on the extremity. A manual system with this chamber becomes turnkey ready for up to three animals.

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