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Model I-2390

Electronic von Frey Aesthesiometer with Rigid Tips - 90g Range


Our electronic unit now has the capability of testing the Electronic von Frey method, Plethysmometer (Paw Volume), and the Randall Selitto test; all test results digitally recorded with one simple easy to use unit. No longer is "The up down method" necessary.


IITC introduced the Electronic Von Frey Aesthesiometer over 8 years ago, now the standard for pain and sensory measurements. A patented solution to paw pressure threshold measurements.


New Limit Indicator

With the newest addition to the IITC Life Science Electronic von Frey Anesthesiometer you can preset and select for each test the force limit that one would like to employ within 1 gram of accuracy! A warning light will inform the user when the limit that is preset by the user has been reached.


Now identical results from two different operators with this new feature.


Available in two forms

  1. Independent cable with red LED warning light at the tip - Connects to any existing 2390 unit (not available for 2290 series). Plug in, simple digital preset
  2. Ordered built-into the 2390 probe. Limit indicator light is at the tip of probe within direct view of operator. Wide angle LED used. Probe can be ordered without LED.

MRI Probe available

Simple to use: All that is required is to apply pressure to the subject and upon reaction the system will automatically record and display the force applied (force shown in grams). The system will display current reading, maximum hold reading.


This unit finally eliminiates the need to to manually calculate test results when measuring either with the flexible von Frey hairs or with the rigid tips. Tips are reusable and additional can be ordered. A clean efficient system for anyone looking to measure allodynia on any test subject today.





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