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"Continual Trials" Novel Object Recognition, Object Location and What-Where-Which


"Continual Trials" Methodology

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In "Continual Trials" methodology, the animal moves between home-cage and experimental chamber under its own natural motivation, but with a temporal control of the four periods of each trial, with each trial repeated for 16 to 20 times per session. Statistical power is maintained with animal usage reduced by up to 60%.

Repeat Sample > Transit > Test > Inter-Trial

The Modular "Build-as-you-go" System

Diagram of the stages of our modular system (PDF)

With support from NC3Rs and UK Innovate, these chambers have been developed specifically for Easton's novel methodology of "Continual Trials" NOR, OL and OPC.

The traditional rectangular shape of the experiment or object chamber is retained and can be mounted on either a regular floor or a sliding floor to provide a context change for OPC (or termed "what-where-which" tasks, for episodic-like memory in rodents).

The chamber design is modular and open, starting with a "build-your own" basic chamber and manual gate, to which can be added a camera (triggered by the gate microswitch) for the bespoke video scoring app - simply connect via available USB port.

Five further stages of modularity give the following options:


The video scoring app is essential for capturing all the data from the 16-20 trials in each session and enables review of the object scoring and other behavioral parameters that may be indicative of anxieties and such as latencies from gate to object.

Once downloaded, a spreadsheet gives bouts and times of exploration of the novel and familiar objects, for easy calculation of the Discrimination Ratio.

Current Research

Work has already included rats for up to 700g and Alzheimer's TASTPM mice for example. Sensitivity to pro-active interference and other new windows into mechanisms have been shown. The ability to collect significantly more data per day has advantages in developmental work and also with short-life compounds.

Easton's "Continual Trials" is also being used with human children, moving between two small spaces and a battery of objects in the same methodology.

National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) article on the Continual Trials apparatus.

The NC3Rs recognizes the Continual Trials apparatus meets goals of number of animal use reduction and refinement by reducing the necessary handling. For more information about the goals of the NC3Rs and the 3Rs, visit the NC3Rs website.

Key Publications

Continual Trials NOR & OL

Continual Trials 2018-2019 Papers

Related papers on Recognition and Episodic Memory


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