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Cleaning your Campden Touch Screen Unit

Question Last Updated on: 5/26/2016

The Touch Screen of your Bussey-Saksida system is a highly sensitive touch screen designed by Campden Instruments for the rodent response. It can register the slightest rodent nose or paw touch, and conforms to the CamTouch Technical Standard for touch screen hardware.

Despite its high sensitivity, the unit is robust and can be thoroughly cleaned, which is important for several reasons:

  • To maintain required high sensitivity to touch
  • To ensure that rodent urine does not remain on the unit where over time it might corrode the seals and damage the electronics
  • To prevent residual odor from remaining in the chamber that might distract or confound a different animal in the following task


  • Cleaning materials must be a mild detergent in warm water applied with a clean cloth
  • Solvent-based cleaners must not be used on the touch screen or any of the plastic components of the chamber. They can be corrosive to the touch screen hardware and electronics, as well as an invasive odor to the animal
  • Make sure to clean the borders of the screen (at right) as well as the glass
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