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Campden Integraslice - Development of a lung slice preparation for recording ion channel activity in alveolar epithelial type 1 cells

MEA recordings from acute heart slices from adult rats and guinea pigs

The Sound of Silence: Ionic Mechanisms Encoding Sound Termination

Innovation in safety pharmacology testing

Methodological innovations expand the safety pharmacology horizon

Integraslice Bibliography



Comparison of the validity of the use of the spontaneously hypertensive rat as a model of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in males and females

Post-training depletions of basolateral amygdala serotonin fail to disrupt discrimination, retention, or reversal learning

Effects of environmental and pharmacological manipulations on a novel delayed nonmatching-to-sample ‘working memory’ procedure in unrestrained rhesus monkeys

Characterization of attenuated food motivation in high-fat diet-induced obesity: Critical roles for time on diet and reinforcer familiarity

Improving cognitive testing on animals to treat human disorders

Rodent Touchscreen Bibliography

Prof. Bussey's Profile

Physical exercise helps brains grow, mouse study finds:

Pairwise discrimination followed by reversal in C57BL6/J using mouse touchscreen operant boxes.

Whisker: A client–server high-performance multimedia research control system

Inside the Minds of Mice and Men

All in the mind of a mouse

Bussey Rodent Touch Screen Biography List

In vivo and in vitro characterization of naltrindole-derived ligands at the k-opioid receptor

Sleep fragmentation promotes NADPH oxidase 2-mediated adipose tissue inflammation leading to insulin resistance in mice [International Journal of Obesity, 2013]

Chronic sleep fragmentation promotes obesity in young adult mice [Obesity, 2013]

Socially Isolated Mice Exhibit a Blunted Homeostatic Sleep Response to Acute Sleep Deprivation Compared to Socially Paired Mice [Brain Res, 2013]

TNF-a and Temporal Changes in Sleep Architecture in Mice Exposed to Sleep Fragmentation [PLoS ONE, 2012]

Touchscreen-paradigm for mice reveals cross-species evidence for an antagonistic relationship of cognitive flexibility and stability

Touchscreen-Based Cognitive Tasks Reveal Age-Related Impairment in a Primate Aging Model, the Grey Mouse Lemur (Microcebus murinus)



Paw reaching in rats: the staircase test

Dopaminergic grafts implanted into the neonatal or adult striatum: comparative effects on rotation and paw reaching deficits induced by subsequent unilateral nigrostriatal lesions in adulthood



Effects of prefrontal cortex and hippocampal NMDA NR1-subunit deletion on complex cognitive and social behaviors



Accuracy of time measurement in calibrated computer systems


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