Right Hand Micromanipulator

Right Hand Micromanipulator

Model 746-MM-RH


This is a compact micromanipulator for manual movement in three axes (X, Y, and Z).



Easily operated with one hand, the ergonomic design has x,y, and z controls in the same plane. This manual micro-manipulator features a highly stable movement from its high-precision stable cross-roller bearings with good longevity giving you consistent accuracy of placement for years to come. Our stable clamp system is easy to position and mounts to our stress relieved anti-vibration plate which can be mounted onto simple passive rubber mounts or active anti-vibration mounts to your requirements.

Since all control knobs are mounted in line on the rear (not on the side), a number of user friendly MM 33 manipulators can be set up right next to one another.

For the purpose of avoiding that the Z-axis will descend when working with weighty loads (drift), there is an optional break (Z-axis stop) available.


Travel Range

  • X-axis: 37 mm
  • Y- axis: 20 mm
  • Z-axis: 25 mm
  • Fine Adjustment: 10 mm
  • Weight: 650 g

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