NeuroLight Stimulator

NeuroLight Stimulator


  • Current output range: 0-100microA
  • Compatible with OmniPlex and other data acquisition systems
  • Compatible with Carousel commutators
  • GUI control for all µLEDs
  • Grouped control
  • Independent control
  • Pattern generation, with constants and ramps
  • For use with our 12 channel µLED NeuroLight stimulating headstage
  • Digital inputs for automatic control
  • Programmable Digital outputs for time-locking with neural recordings
  • External control of stimulating start/stop


The Plexon NeuroLight Stimulator is a USB3 device designed specifically for current stimulation of µLEDs on up to four NeuroLight Optoelectrode probes. With the NeuroLight Stimulator, you can control each of the twelve µLEDs individually, in groups, or all together.

NeuroLight Stimulator



Feature Specifications and Options Remarks
Hardware NeuroLight Stimulator Box  
Electrode Compatibility NeuroLight or other optoelectrode Contact Sales Engineer to ask if your optoelectrode is compatible
Number of Parallel Headstages 1-4 Up to 4 µLED stimulating headstages can be used simultaneously.
Analogue Output Channels Up to 4 Each channel offers independently controllable output.
µLED Synchronisation Capable µLEDs can be stimulated individually, in groups or all together.
Stimulation Modes Current  
Current output 0-100mA Current output for driving optoelectrodes.
Voltage Output 0-5V Voltage output for controlling a third-party laser.
Temporal Resolution 100µs  
Digital Inputs 32 Two per channel. May be used to start and stop stimulation on individual channels. *See pin map below
Digital Outputs 32 Four per channel. *See pin map below
Minimum Trigger Pulse Width 200µs  
Arbitrary Waveform Update Rate 10kHz  
Commutator Compatiblity Carusel Commutator R2S2-Vertical  
Dimensions 152 x 218 x 46 mm
5.98 x 8.58 x 1.8 inches
Includes feet, switches, and connectors in length and height.


1.6 lbs

NeuroLight Stimulator incudes

– µLED Stimulator box

– USB Type-C to USB-A 3.1 Cable

– Power Supply

Software NeuroLight Stimulator Software  
Pattern Generation Capable NeuroLight Stimulator Software is capable of generating complex signal patterns independently per µLED.


Digital Inputs

The NeuroLight Stimulator channels can be started and stopped through the digital input pins on the stimulator hardware.

Each channel has a corresponding digital input pin. A high (+3.3V) level on a pin will start the channel assigned to that pin, and a low (0V) level will stop the channel.
The channel will only start if it’s armed.

Digital Inputs

Digital Outputs

The NeuroLight Stimulator channels can be monitored through the digital output pins on the stimulator hardware.
By default, the DO pin for each channel goes high (+3.3V) when that channel is playing, and low (0V) when it is stopped. This behavior can be altered in the settings.

Digital Outputs


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