CinePlex 3D Option

CinePlex 3D Option

Model CP3D-V3

  • Coordinate Dimensions: Three-dimensional (3D)
  • Light Conditions Accommodated: Daylight to dark environments
  • Number of Cameras Supported: 2 to 4
  • Camera Positioning: Overhead, underneath, and broadside
  • Calibration Method: RapidGrid™ calibration
  • Video Capture Environment Locations: Practically unlimited and changeable from experiment to experiment, if desired.
  • Tracking Method: Color markers, or LED tracking


CinePlex 3D is an optional program with CinePlex Studio. It takes the advanced, two-dimensional tracking functionality available through CinePlex Tracking to the next level. The specialized capabilities unleashed through CinePlex 3D can be grouped into two primary topics: the obvious, yet remarkable, ability to track an animal's movements in three dimensions, and the brilliant simplicity of RapidGrid™ camera and system calibration, no longer requiring a dedicated environment for video capture.

Three-dimensional tracking requires a minimum of two cameras. However, CinePlex 3D is capable of handling up to four simultaneously recording video feeds. The optimal number of cameras depends on the complexity of the experimental arena and the objects' expected movements.

Placement of the cameras is exceptionally flexible allowing for various overhead, as well as broadside, positions. Up to 12 colored markers can be simultaneously tracked generating three-dimensional reconstructions of movement using the projections as captured from the multiple cameras. For example, markers can be placed at strategic locations on a monkey's leg or arm to capture movement metrics.

In a typical recording environment supporting three-dimensional behavioral research, cameras are permanently affixed to specific locations in a dedicated recording chamber. This rigid design is primarily due to the extreme complexity and extensive effort required to perform the system’s intricate calibration. As a result, options are limited, and funds that could have been directed elsewhere are sunk into a single-purpose, immovable recording facility. CinePlex 3D changes the game altogether.

CinePlex 3D embeds a highly sophisticated – yet easy to execute – RapidGrid protocol within the program to reduce calibration time to only minutes per camera. Researchers are free to establish experiments wherever they deem appropriate – any room, building or facility most conducive to eliciting the results desired for their immediate purpose. CinePlex 3D's almost "mobile" approach redefines the possibilities for the behaviorist.

Also working with the OmniPlex® or MAP System online, tracking coordinates are also available to online user-written programs via MATLAB® and C/C++ software development kits (SDKs). The SDKs permit further automation of the data manipulation, reducing human error and time required to manually analyze the data.

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