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CineLyzer Software

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CineLyzer Video Tracking Software covers a wide range of behavioral research needs. Record freely-moving subjects from up to four cameras simultaneously and quickly compare groups on a variety of metrics including: speed, distance traveled, and presence or absence in particular locations within a larger arena. Furthermore, positional data can be used to control external devices with a custom digital input/output device.

The CineLyzer Software can be purchased as a single camera or multi-camera license and is bundled with up to four camera kits. Add-ons include a digital input/output device for triggering external devices. All software upgrades within a version are free of charge.



Specifications and Options

Controller platform

Windows® 7

Operational modes

  • Online (from cameras)
  • Offline (from files)

New trials can be recorded from live cameras or video files.

Tracking speed, distance traveled, time in zones or sequences

Contour, LED, or Color Marker Tracking

LED and color marker tracking available with color cameras.

Tracking one or more subjects within an arena

LED or Color Marker Tracking

Supports up to three LED colors and up to 12 color markers.

Tracking head direction and angles between markers

LED or Color Marker Tracking

Head Direction tracking available with LED or color markers. Multiple points can be tracked on the same animal.

Resolution (frame rate)

Up to 60 frames

Video file format generated

Standard .AVI files in MPEG format

Files read

  • .AVI
  • .MJPEG
  • .mjpg
  • .ffds

Video file compression

MPEG quality adjustable from 1 to 10

Number of cameras supported

1 to 4

Playback viewing of

.AVI files

Inputs and Outputs

CineLyzer USB digital input/output (DIO) Interface

12 inputs/outputs total

  • 6 high true/6 low true inputs
  • 6 high true/6 low true outputs
  • 5V TTL signal

Export Options

.csv file

Import to Excel®, MATLAB®, R, SPSS, Prism or .txt files


Available as a Single-Camera or (up to) Four-Camera License.


The CineLyzer Software can be loaded onto as many computers as you desire. However, the license key is required for operation.

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