Aggression Chamber

Aggression Chamber

Model 4420



The Model 4420 Aggression Chamber was developed for a European FP7 project to identify neural, neurocognitive and biomarker mechanisms underlying aggressive / antisocial behavior mechanisms. This project considered different areas of aggression, including the Resident Intruder test and traits of conduct disorders including callous unemotional instrumental aggression.

Aggression Chamber Side/Top view

The chamber comprises of one main arena and three holding chambers, with access between the different chambers controlled by gates. The main arena includes a high-sensitivity touchscreen onto which images are displayed as stimuli and touches are registered in the manner of classical operant, this being rewarded by food pellet or sweet liquid reward for rat or mouse respectively. Animals can be held in the sub-chambers and released into the main arena to meet the requirements of the paradigm. The gates include photobeam detection of passage and direction of travel between the arena and chambers to record withdrawal by an animal in response to an aggressive episode. Gates will not close on an animal due to the detection of the photobeam and an additional back-up safety mechanism of automatic sensitivity control, to halt a gate closure.

Our PC based ABET Software control and interface is fully programmable to control all functions of stimulus display, and recording of responses, latencies and movements of animals.


Optional Accessories

Mouse cNOR-OL Auto-Gate
Mouse cNOR-OL Auto-Gate
Model CI.80514M-5

Mouse cNOR-OL auto-gate, with 'E' and 'H' chamber photobeams, recording direction of travel and camera trigger.

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