Integrated Behavior and Electrophysiology


"...overarching vision is to combine these approaches into a single, integrated science of cells, circuits, brain and behavior..."
-NIH Report April 2013

System Advantages


  • Starts with the animal
  • Flexible lightweight bite-proof tether
  • Lightweight ergonomic head-stage
  • Tether auto tensioner
  • Freely moving animals
  • Unique Headstage allows Group housing of animals
  • Easy insert positive engagement connector


  • Incorporates electronically clean signals
  • Removes the EMI emissions at source
  • Removes the EMI susceptibility by digitization on the head-stage
  • Shielded tether line
  • Reduces the EMG artifacts with the lightweight head-stage
  • 32kHz sample rate across up to 128 channels
  • Stimulus channels available


  • Reduce the complexity
  • Saves time, energy and therefore in cost
  • Time saved = faster output of data and publications

EMI-Shielded Touch Screens and Chambers

Nothing can substitute for a clean signal.

  • Emissions, inside (electronics) and outside (Faraday Cage)
  • Susceptibility, digitization of electrophysiological signals at source
  • Proximity, shielded touch-screen
  • Fully grounded via system connections

Standard Touch Screen Noise

Shielded Touch Screen Noise


Frequency Range for EEG Recordings

Frequency Range for Single Unit Recordings


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System Time Stamp

The Time Stamp is encoded on both the electrophysiological data and the start of each video frame immediately after the point of acquisition. Data and video are now time-linked together at the source as the behavioral experiment master computer provides the start and stop signals. During analysis, the behavioral data is imported and synchronized with the electrophysiological data/video timeline.

Acquisition Model

Analysis Model



Our headstages are all uniquely designed to allow the most animal mobility and highest data quality for a low cost. All data is digital and multiplexed at the headstage level.


  • 32kHz sampling rate per channel
  • Lightweight: 2.23g
  • Specially designed to be resistant to bites and interference
  • Automatically retracts


  • 20-40kHz sampling rate per channel
  • Wide effective recording range (5 m)
  • Lightweight: 1.9-3.7g (not including battery)


All Touch Screen Paradigms were created using our ABET II Touch Software and are now available with video observation and a time stamp.

  • Prewritten standard paradigms available with established neuro-pathological relevance (PAL, PD, 5CSRT, and more!)
  • Tasks translate directly to validated monkey and human touch models e.g. CANTAB
  • Published use in psychological and pharmaceutical research journals
  • Bring animals to criteria in just a few weeks or even days
  • Visit our Bussey-Saksida Touch Screen Tasks and Paradigms area for specific information on available paradigms

Model of Rat PAL Paradigm


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