CinePlex Behavioral Research System

CinePlex Studio with CinePlex Editor
CinePlex Studio with CinePlex Editor

Model CPX/V3 Family

CinePlex Studio drives the sophisticated digital recording, tracking and behavioral analysis functionality, and can be enhanced with any of the following application-specific options: CinePlex Tracking, CinePlex Basic Behavior, and CinePlex 3D.

CinePlex Tracking Module
CinePlex Tracking Module

Model CPT-V3

CinePlex Tracking is a robust program that enables CinePlex Studio to analyze each video frame, determining the animal’s movement and position in time. Tracking can be performed live during acquisition of the video stream (from a camera) or offline (from files).

CinePlex Basic Behavior
CinePlex Basic Behavior

Model CPB-V3

CinePlex Basic Behavior is an optional program within CinePlex Studio. It builds on tracking data captured by CinePlex Tracking and transforms it into quantifiable behavior necessary for social interaction studies, behavioral training paradigms, and gait analysis to name a few of the possible applications.

CinePlex 3D Option
CinePlex 3D Option

Model CP3D-V3

CinePlex 3D is an optional program with CinePlex Studio. The specialized capabilities of CinePlex 3D can be grouped into two primary topics: the obvious, yet remarkable, ability to track an animal’s movements in three dimensions, and the brilliant simplicity of RapidGrid™ camera and system calibration, no longer requiring a dedicated environment for video capture.

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