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Model CLB/CineCorder

CineLAB CineCorder Module


The CineLAB System utilizes the CineCorder Module at its core for recording files into a customizable database. Additional tracking and behavioral analysis features are provided with the purchase of the CineTracker and CineLyzer Modules. Together, these three modules are referred to as the CineLAB Behavioral Research System. All users of the CineLAB Behavioral Research System will require the CineCorder Module, and additional modules can be purchased and installed in the field at any time as research needs evolve.

Purchased together with a custom-optimized computer running Windows 7, USB camera, and digital input/output device. Ideal for labs only requiring the ability to record animal activity over a continuous or segmented period of time within a database containing experimental notes and variables. Choose from color or infrared cameras for optimized recording during daylight or under near-IR conditions. Ability to start/stop recording both manually and with external devices. Features frame-by-frame playback and timestamps. Integrates with Lafayette operant chambers for synchronized recording during behavioral trials.


Features Specifications and Options
Controller platform Windows® 7
Operational modes
- Online (from cameras) and
- Offline (from files)
Software required for recording only - CineCorder™
Software required for tracking path of movement and/or one or more subjects within an arena - CineCorder + CineTracker™
Software required for tracking specific locations or behavioral sequences within an arena, along with speed and head direction - CineCorder + CineTracker + 
Resolution (frame rate) Up to 60 frames
Video file format generated Standard .AVI files in MPEG format
Files read - .AVI
- .mjpg and
- .ffds
Video file compression MPEG quality adjustable from 1 to 10
Number of cameras supported 1 to 4
Playback viewing of .AVI files
Inputs and Outputs CineLAB USB digital input/output (DIO) Interface
Export Options
Excel®, MATLAB®, R, SPSS, Prism or text files
Licensing Requires the purchase of a CineCorder System.  Advanced functionality accessible with purchase of CineTracker and CineLyzer keys.
Installation The CineLAB Software can be loaded onto as many computers as you desire.  However, the license key is required for operation.


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LE12 7XT. England

Tel: +44 1509 814790

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